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Why I'm A Father Against Buggies!

When my daughter was still young around one or so just starting to walk I remember making a conscious effort to never use the buggy.
At the time this concept was easy to do as I was driving but life does what it does best and made me a member of TFL (Transport for London) or as I fondly refer to it PREY (Price Rise Every Year!)
Being a forced member of TFL it made me re evaluate how I would take out my young daughter. As taking her out those days I couldn’t just come out with keys in my pocket and a little change. I needed wipes, nappies a little food and other things that I just can’t remember, but that was fine as I could stuff it in her back pack and get her to carry it under the pretense that it’s for an adventure! :D.

What I should of mentioned is that my partner of the time often would tell me “David you should take the buggy as you know Elisha will fall asleep!”
No!” I said beating my chest
I need no buggy she won’t fall asleep and if worse comes to worse I will carry her” I said this with full conviction. You see call me chauvinistic but for me I just didn’t respond well to a man using a buggy it just felt un manly.

But during the course of the day my daughter would quickly show me how my slight ignorance :D works against me. You see she had the cheek to fall asleep at the worse moments I remember I had bags, heavy bags and I looked at my child and said to her “don’t fall asleep” and she replied back in her child like voice something resembling “Yes Daddy” would you believe before my eyes she fell asleep! How cheeky!
How dare she disobey her father like that! I clearly told her to stay awake.
I called her name I even prodded a little, did she wake not at all. So I had to carry these heavy bags and a sleeping child that felt as heavy as a sumo wrestler.
Now I probably could of called my partner and said I needed help but before I do that I will struggle to the bitter end and when I get home pretend it was nothing!

I wasn’t giving no ammunition to my partner to use against me (That’s some sound relationship advice right there!). What I should add here is that 7 out of 10 times as soon as I stepped into home my daughter would miraculously wake up suddenly refreshed. Now you tell me, doesn’t that sound like a conspiracy between mother and child!

Now reading this and I’ll be honest even as I’m reading this you would think that I would of started to use the buggy. NOPE didn’t even cross my mind in fact the next memorable event happened soon after taking her on a day out. Heading back on the train would you believe she disobeyed me again by falling asleep! (There’s a common theme here!) I remember carrying her on to the train and a guy yes ladies a guy! Took sympathy on me and gave me his seat.

Unfortunately I had to get off sooner than I wanted (thanks TFL) because the train changed destination anyhow to cut a long story short between me coming of the train and walking to the bus stop I lost one of her boots, how? Who knows but I’ll tell you one thing, I told my partner nothing about the missing boot! in fact there is no missing boot!
But to end this post what I will say, looking back at my experience of not using the buggy, I COMPLETELY MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!
No buggies for me! :D

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