Why I Demand Changing Facilities For Dads With Daughters

When my daughter was younger around two or so I use to take her swimming in Bethnal Green. Though it was all fun the real problem came during the periods of getting changed.

You see as I was the one taking her, I had to take her into the men’s changing rooms with me, and that my friend was the problem. Usually as soon as I stepped in, there would be a naked hairy guy idly strolling by which made me have to quickly throw the bags and my little daughter into the nearest changing cube.

Now, the real problem with that place was actually getting to the swimming pool, because you had to go past the showers. Now remember I told you about the hairy guy idly strolling by, well in the space it took for me to get myself and my daughter ready he had gathered up a small army, all in the showers and all with their bits hanging loosely.

Getting to the swimming pool would be like planning for war, as I would find myself using strategics to find the safest route. Now I had the good sense to keep my head straight but you know children and curiosity, they want to know what the other side has hidden beneath their clothes. I remember my little daughter giving into curiosity and trying to glimpse, I put my hands across her eyes so fast that even up to this day my finger marks are might be there, for those who work for social service’s it’s not really finger marks it’s birth marks… that resemble finger marks…

After I managed to get past without her seeing anything to leave lifelong traumatic memories, it would be all fun and games in the swimming pool but I always had in the back of my mind, that the fun and games would not last, because when they gave the call for the children and parents to leave, reality would quickly set back in and I would find myself again dodging the harsh terrain of naked male bodies! But only this time we actually needed to use the showers!

So for those in a power position in the local swimming pool, please I ask, think of us dads with daughters and make a changing room comfortable for all.

Or we’ll have to find alternatives… and I know a great place to start! :D