Below is a rough draft of a collection of stories for my Book "Yeah, this might get Daddy in trouble! But Daddy don't care"
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The Look Is Universal

“The Look” is something that touches the core of the soul, in fact I’m certain society was built of, “The look.”
It’s silent but expresses so much.
At its essence, it warns that you’re on the brink of unimaginable doom.

I remember as a child often my parents especially my Dad would give me “The Look” and lord knows that simple look let me know I was endanger, of entering not the twilight zone but the zone of doom.
Though young my brains self preservation mechanisms quickly struck into action and what ever I was doing I ceased to do, as that core part of me, the part of me that intuition is developed from, knew even before I did, that doom and destruction was lurking around the corner.

As an apple I have not fallen too far from the tree, you see every now and than my daughter will do something that she knows she should not be doing and within an instant I muster a “Look” that lets her know, I see all, I’m not pleased, but more importantly the path your journeying is full of peril’s.

But funny enough within an instant the thing she was doing stops and the dark clouds that had been slowly gathering and swirling around the household quickly dissipate for sunshine and blue skies.

“The look” has no boundaries and can be used in all circumstance’s, if your child decides they don’t want to eat their vegetables give them “The Look,” a look that seems soulless and brings nightmares for weeks, don’t believe me I’ve even spotted people being given “The look” at work to wonderful effect.

You see to understand “The Look” you must first understand the universe and it’s part in the very fabric of nature.
Ancient philosophers taught of the concept of yin and yang, of the five elements water, earth, fire, wood, metal, and though never mentioned for those with a clue “The Look!” was part of this grand concept. Why?
Because the Look is a balancer, it see’s things of imbalance and balances them.
The child who has been eating sweeties and wants more when given “The Look” quickly realises their stomach is full.
Within it’s power “The Look” can even be used on other people’s children. If you get dragged along to your child’s friends birthday party there will be that one naughty kid, in fact your child might be the naughty kid, but don’t worry just give the child “The Look” if their parent spots you giving their child the look don’t worry, give them “The Look” too, they will quickly understand the universal dynamics of “The Look” it’s rebalancing effect, and quickly come around to your way of thinking.
In parting what I must say is that “The Look” is powerful and so with great power comes great responsibility do not casually throw around “The Look” as one day this same look may be directed towards you!