Look How Happy She Is!

Us dads are great inventors!

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The Sacrifices Us Dads Make! :D

And we do it with a smile on our face...

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Words Of Wisdom!

Is this what life becomes!?!?

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I Hope That Baby Has A License!

Clearly it's not the Dads fault!

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Application To Dating My Daughter

Please refer to question 5

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Another Dad Back At It!

I'm not saying a word! :D

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Dad To The Rescue

You need to be respectful when talking to a mans daughter!

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Over Protective Dad!

Think of him as someone that cares :D

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All I Can Do Is Shake My Head At This One!

Well at least they'll have something to discuss over dinner...

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Family Photo Illustration

Send us your family photo and we will transform it for the price of £40. This image will be of high quality of over 5000 pixels this means you can print it on a large canvas or T-Shirt in high definition, the turn around for this will be within 2 weeks but this is dependent on the amount of orders we receive. For more information please contact daddieslovetheirdaughters@outlook.com

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They Haven't Got My Money! :D ... Yet...

And if they do I hope One Direction gives cash back for fathers!

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And she thought it would be funny to eat all of dads cake

Lesson to learn from this, is don't eat daddy's cake!

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And You Say Men Don't Help Out With The Shopping!

To be honest I think how he's balancing it all is quite creative ;-)

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