Daddies Love Their Daughters was an idea I had when I thought of all the things my daughter has said and done and it got me thinking that I should write down these experiences, but me being creative I thought why not turn it into a comic strip.

The stories you see are all based on actual experiences (sometimes exaggerated) ;-)
While a lot of them are fun I do touch on more serious topics and sometimes just genuinely put my inner thoughts out there as I've come to realise that parenting wise us men think similar but a lot of times we keep these thoughts to ourselves, whether that's good or bad only time will tell, so this is a sort of catharsis for me I suppose.

What I would like for Daddies Love Their Daughters is for it to be a sort of online museum, showcasing fatherhood and all the things that come with it, if you would like to be a part of this please send stories or pictures to and lets create something timeless

Anyhow hope you enjoy the site and please do leave comments and feedback as it's all appreciated.

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