Please introduce yourself and say what you do as a

I work for a Payroll Company in the Tax Department. (I
know, I'm the bad guy)

How was you feeling when you discovered you was having a child?

I was excited/nervous.

When your son or daughter was a baby did you help during the

I did I want to be helpful and one person shouldn't do it alone.

What has been one of the best moments of fatherhood?

Besides seeing your little one for the first time, when my
daughter hugs me and tells me its alright when I'm

What has been some of your most difficult moments as a parent?

Going through a divorce...

What have you learned about having a child and its change on

It can be difficult, my now wife loves my daughter as her
own and is so good to her but being a single Dad I
figured I would never date probably.

What advice would you have for parents in staying together
through difficult patches?

To talk and just remember you are a team. Don't worry
about the small stuff or they will just make life so much
more difficult. Enjoy each other and be a team.

What advice would you give to new fathers?

Never give up. Single or not be there, put everything
second and remember how important you are to your child.

If your child/children can gain one thing from you what would you
want it to be?

To work hard in life but enjoy it. Live with good morals
and treat the world and everything in it with love, but be
careful and mindful of dangers...


Your child asks you where do babies come from what do you say?

Hasn't happened yet, but I think she knows...

If your not with the mother of your child/ children and your child
asks why you and the mother aren't together any more
what do you say?

It just didn't work out but we both love you so much and
we work together.

Your walking with your child when suddenly the ice cream man
pulls up, and your child looks to you for an ice cream but
you only have £1 in your pocket what do you do?

Get her something, she'll probably share cause she is
good like that but I would let her have something over me
cause that's what we do as parents.